Lost the base song list

When we started Easy Worship 7 after the last update ( we seem to have lost the base song list (usually has a lot of the old hymns in it like How Great Thou Art, etc)  Is this a function of the update or did we do something wrong?  And is there a way to get that base song list back?

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It doesn't appear to be a function of the update as it didn't happen to any of the computers I upgraded. First thing to do is go to Profiles and make sure that it's pointed to the correct Profile. That should be C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship\Default. If it isn't you should use the Profile Manager to go to that profile. If the default profile isn't there (or can't be found) the best option would be to restore your EW profile from a recent backup (which I hope you have been doing regularly), If you don't have a recent backup then go to Profiles then Add/Remove Demo Data to re-download the default songs, Bibles, images, etc.

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