MIDI on/off keyboard shortcut?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to turn the remote on/off, better yet can I assign a shortcut to a specific device?

I am trying to find a very fast way to disconnect EasyWorship from Playback in the event of an issue. I would like it to be much faster to get to then, going into a menu then into another menu then clicking to turn off the MIDI in. I don't want to just turn off Remote because we are using MIDI out to control another computer running our broadcast graphics and some lighting, I also want to still be able to control from the iPad.

My ideal end goal would be to use our Stream Deck Mini and have one button that could be immediately pressed to disconnect just Playback.

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There is not a shortcut key to turn off MIDI or even a MIDI input. The best option would be to set up a key on the streamdeck that can do that for you probably using a macro.

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