Creating a theme from a presentation

 I have a presentation that contains 5 video files, the first one has a title with the date and speaker's name on it.ThIs all works well showing it on the main display and foldback but I have to create a theme to show it on the Alt output which is our live streaming output. You would think this would be easy as it is EasyWorship but you'd be wrong. I just can't get the text to match the same position and it seems I have to totally copy all the videos and timings etc which is a real pain to do.

I have tried copying a previous theme with similar settings and then editing it, this is nigh on impossible to do to. This is for Remembrance Sunday which happens every year on the nearest Sunday to 11th November. Editing last years Presentation for this year is also impossible and it should only mean changing the date from the 14th to the 13th.

I would have thought that you should just right click the Presentation and be able to Create Theme from Presentation but that only comes up from the Media tab which only applies to one image or video.

So why is this so difficult, I have watched your video on creating themes but it only assumes one image or video not a Presentation is used to create a Theme. That is unless you know different of course.

Unfortunately, there is not a way to create a theme from a presentation.

If you want your Alt out to match your main out, if you don't have a default alt out theme, it will use the formatting of the main output. 

If you want to show background and foreground elements on the alt out, you will need to make sure to set the properties for that.

Change Alt out Properties

Hi Dan,

I've followed the property settings to enable the presentation to display the same on the Alt Output which it does. Unfortunately any text that is entered on the Title slide either is in the wrong position or doesn't appear at all on the alt output.

On the Alt Presentation we want a mirror image of the Main output but not on songs or scripture which is fine. The text is entered manually each week with date and speaker but that it doesn't mirror is hopeless.

As far as I'm aware it is over a year since this was brought up as an important request to resolve but it still doesn't seem to be listed as being in progress.

This upgrade, to us, is a most important feature that is required for the Alternative Output to allow multiple presentations in a schedule.

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