New laptop MSI - EW6 - problems with edititing

Our old (slow) laptop has been replaced by an MSI i7 12th generation processor 16GB internal memory. and dedicated RTX3050 TI video card.


The program EW6 itself works fine. but as soon as I make an adjustment to the text for example. (edit) then I see: either no text on the right side, or text but no (item) frame to adjust to. Or the frame can be adjusted only slightly. But that is different from reality. (then the frame is very narrow)

I have already tried using EW6 only with the RTX3050 card. or only with the Intel processor GPU. But it doesn't solve anything.

when I let the laptop decide which graphics card to use, it can happen that EW6 stops working. 

I make the presentations at home myself. Also a fairly modern laptop. But everything runs smoothly there. Even in combination with cloud storage (box)

Does anyone know the ideal settings for eg the RTX card.

or is there another solution?

kind regards,




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I have the same problem with a new computer running Windows 11.  On a computer with Windows 11 where Windows 10 was installed initially, EasyWorship  runs just fine.

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