When I transfer from one computer to another via usb flash drive the only thing that comes up is file names. What do I need to do different?
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Without knowing exactly how you went about it and what you were trying to transfer it's impossible to tell you what you need to do different.  If you were trying to transfer an entire profile, follow the instructions found in the following article TO THE LETTER and it should work fine.

If you are trying to transfer a schedule, then go the File menu and select "Save Schedule As" an point to the usb drive. Make sure to check the box that says "Pack Files in Schedule" so that all of the media files are also transferred.

If you are trying to transfer individual media files, presentations,etc. you should either put them in a Schedule and follow the above method. Then open it on the second computer and right click on any of the items in the schedule and select "Check schedule for changes" and follow the prompts to import them into that computer.

The default location for the profile in EW is C:\Users\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship\Default You can manually go to that location in Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer) and copy/paste individual items in the various folders found inside the Resources folder (video, audio, images, etc.) then import them into the second computer.

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