error 12 payment help

I have tried to pay for the program with 3 different credit cards - none of which should have a payment issue with no success.  Get error codes 12 or 1000

Any ideas

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 Due to privacy and security concerns you would need to either call EW by telephone (+1-918-250-1493) during regular business hours, Mon thru Friday 9 AM - 6 PM CST,  or go to the support page (link below) and open a Support Ticket.

While EW support staff do visit these forums on occasion, they rarely do so on weekends. The rest of us are just users trying to help other users with no access to the inner workings of EW, so you probably won't be able to get any help with this until Monday during regular business hours (listed above). Sorry.

same problem here. we've input our details correctly for 3 cards already. privacy and security concerns at the expense of making it difficult for the user to fix the paying method. we had this problem years ago and until now it hasn't been fixed or improved. having us call you when we're not in the US is so inconvenient. I suggest you fix this system and learn from other companies how they make payment convenient without security risks.
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