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We bought an easyworship and have been used easyworship for several years. 

we as a small church do not need much function and were happy with what we have.

But recently we purchase new computer and try to install easyworshio into a new computer, but to fail.

Is there a way to install easyworship we bought several years ago into a new computer without subscription.

Please let us know.

Thank you!


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Depends on what version of EW you are trying to install and what version you purchased the license for. If it's EW6 or EW7 it's fairly simple. Download the installer from the link below, sign into the account your Church used to purchase EW while the new computer is connected to the internet. EW should then contact the servers to verify your account and license and validate it.


If it was EW2009, you can download the latest 1.9 Full install file from the following link. After that is installed get the update patch 2.4 for Windows 10 and install it from the same link. Please note that EW no longer supports EW 2009 and it may not function fully when running under Windows 10 or 11. The majority of the main features should be able to run acceptably, but there are no guarantees.


The issue will arise as at this point you would need to either call EW by telephone (+1-918-250-1493) during regular business hours, Mon thru Friday 9 AM - 6 PM CST,  or go to the support page (link below) and open a Support Ticket to be able to register it to be able to use it.


Older versions of EW prior to 2009 (2007 and older) are not supported and simply will not run properly (if at all) under Windows 10 or 11.

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