Setting Up Logo Background


When I try to set up my Church Logo, it's an image in the media section, I right click and press 'Use As Logo Background'. When I press Logo at the top the picture is showing but it's all stretched out of proportion. If I go back to the picture, right click and go to image properties, I've clicked 'maintain aspect ratio' but it is still stretching it when I press the logo button. It is fine when I display the image by adding it to the schedule but how can I get it to maintain aspect ratio when pressing the Logo button?


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What are the details of the image? I'm talking pixel height by width as well as aspect ratio. Also, what format is it saved as (jpg, gif, bmp, png, etc.). What aspect ratio are the screens you project to? And finally, what version and build of EW are you running?

Any chance you could attach a copy of the file so we could see how it works on other computers?

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