Is EasyWorship 6 compatible with windows 10 or 11?

Microsoft is ending support for widows 8.1 soon and I need to upgrade but the budget is tight so i was wondering is EasyWorship 6 compatible with windows 10 or 11?

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I know it is with 10 for certain, haven't tried it with 11 but I'm confident it would be. I know that you can still upgrade directly to 10 from 8.1 and 10 to 11 for free. Not sure about directly from 8.1 to 11. 

I have had no problem running EW 6 on a computer that had Windows 10 and changed to Windows 11.  On a new machine with just Windows 11, I can not edit a song and it also shuts down with no message.

try intalling V6.7.14.0 first and then V6.7.16.0.

works on win10 when newly installing goes wrong.

maybe also on win11??

I uninstalled completely the 6.7.16 version and installed the .14 version.  Unfortunately I still can not edit a song without EasyWorship closing.  The .14 version did not close but the song I was editing would not display the Live View of the changes.  .14 is the oldest version that I have.  it there an earlier version available?



The following EW Archive has several older releases, but I tend to doubt that it will actually help with the issue.

You might want to call EW Support by telephone (+1-918-250-1493) during regular business hours, Mon thru Friday 9 AM - 6 PM CST,  or go to the support page (link below) and open a Support Ticket. They might have some ideas on how to solve this issue. I'm just a user trying to help where I can. I'm not employed by EW and don't have access to any of the support information that isn't readily available in the forums or support documents posted on the support pages.

EasyWorship 6 is compatible with windows 10 and should also work on windows 11. But unfortunately, EW 6 is no longer supported.

Make sure your computer meets the requirements to run EW6 and make sure you don't have a firewall or antivirus that's blocking EW from working properly.

You can try older versions of EW6, but I would also encourage you to try EW7 to see if you still have the same issue. If you do, you can contact support about the issue in EW7.

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