Alternate Output Text Formatting

Howdy all, First, I apologize if this has been answered somewhere else. I looked but was unable to find anything. My church uses EXW alternate output to livestream using boxcast. We use lower-thirds displayed over a camera feed. Everything works great except that the alternate output does not keep any of the text formatting from the song slides (e.g. underline/bold/italics and text color). Is there a setting somewhere I’m missing to apply the formatting to the alternate output? Many thanks, Sam Leach

Update: realized I should probably include my build information. We are running EasyWorship Version 7 Build under the Basic Subscription plan.

Watch the following YouTube video. It walks you thru the options menu and explains how to set text formatting for each of the different types of slides as well as the Alternate Output. That should answer most of your questions. If it doesn't, post back and someone will have some additional information that should help resolve your issue.

The Alt output will only use what is set to the theme it's using. If you edit a song and change something like, italics, underline, color, those are all being set for the main output. The only way it would affect the Alt out is if both the main out and alt out were using the same default theme and when you edit the song, you go to the Master tab and make the changes to the theme. 

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