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My church has the Easyworship 2009 program and we enjoy it very much. I have been thrown into taking over the computer department here. I have watched the tutorials on how to add a song but can not figure out why it will not let us add new songs. I can get to the screen where it will let me type the lyrics in but it will not let me click anything. Ok Cancel the info circle to add the title it just gives me a ding. Can you help please

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EasyWorship 2009 is a very old version and is no longer supported. There was a patch for running it on windows 10 to be able to add songs. You can download it from the link below and see if that fixes your issue. If not, You will need to purchase a current subscription to get the newest version.

EW 2009 Patch

I am running windows 11, will the patch work for this version as well?  When we attempt to add a new song we get the following error message:

Access violation at address 014A7E14 in module EasyWorship.exe.  Read of address 0000005C.

Thank you for your assistance.

Dan Willard << Thank you for the patch! this solve my problem with Win 11 :)

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