Migrating songs from EW2009

I have just been loading the profile from EW2009 to my new computer using the instructions given in EW6.  After following every step carefully, the images and presentations were limported to EW6 but the songs were not, and even the demo songs disappeared.  I tried doing the process again, but did not get the prompt to Import EW 2009 data and options.(Step 18).

What do i do next to import the songs now?

Try the following to do it manually. Follow ALL instruction to exactly to the letter.


Thank you for the link.  Unfortunately when I tried to download the file it gave ma a message "Easy Worship Transfer isn't commonly downloaded. Make sure you trust,,,"  There is no provision to indicate I trust it and I cannot get any further with it.

You should be able to click MORE information or something like that and get the option to KEEP anyway. 

I did find the option to KEEP but it had no effect until I had tried it four times.

When the file finally downloaded and I was able to use it, it went into Not Responding mode.

After several attempts it said export was complete but gave a warning that not all items were exported.

The expected file Rasyworship Profiles Export was not on the disc

Sounds like your Songs Database file(s) might have become corrupted. I would try the following to see if it can sort things out.

Using the Rebuild Database Utility
EasyWorship has a utility to correct database problems. You may lose the song you were inputting at the time, but will
retain all your other songs and graphics.
Rebuild Database Utility:
1. Click the Start icon.
2. Select Programs or All Programs.
3. Select EasyWorship.
4. Select Rebuild EasyWorship Database.
5. The EasyWorship Splash Screen will appear with a progress bar at the bottom right.
6. When the rebuild is complete, EasyWorship will open.
The Rebuild Database feature will automatically backup your database into a folder called rebuild backup.

Thank you for the advice.  I went through the steps but got a message back saying:

TableVendorscannot perform the operation on a closed dataset

Nevertheless it has created a folder called Rebuild Backup in C:users\Public\Documents\Softouch\Easyworship\Default\Databases\Data.

During the last few weeks, I have had messages when saving schedules that something could not be written, but it did not cause any problems.

So, I have saved a small test schedule and received the following Application Error message:

Exception EAccessViolation in module IDAPB2.DLL at 0000686C.

Access violation at address 088E9FF0 in module IDAPB2.DLL Read of address 088E9FF0

The test schedule opens normally.

Could this have any bearing on the problem?


 I would have to believe so. Unfortunately I'm not employed by EW so I have no access to all of their technical support data so I don't know how that would play into this issue. Hopefully Dan, Terry, or one of the other EW Support people will chime in on this.

Hi David, can you run the two attached files and attach the text file that is placed on your Desktop please?

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