Unable to sign into songselect from easyworship

Whenever I try to sign into songselect from easyworship to download songs i get a popup that says my browser is not supported but I can not figure out how to change to where easyworship will use the correct browser.  What should I do? This also happens when signing into media.

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Apparently the screen shot didn't work.

There is nothing you can do to change that behaviour. EW does not have the capability to change the browser. EW is working on an updated version of EW7 that uses a different browser. It is in Beta release at the moment. Unfortunately a fix will not be forthcoming for EW6 and older versions.

At the present about all you can do is use a stand alone Browser that is supported to go to SongSelect and copy/paste the songs in manually.

I found that if I clicked on the "I understand" box, the pop-up went away.  I could still sign in on Song Select, it was just a very small login window.

I tried that but it didn’t work for me but that is ok since you can’t even get there on EW 6 anymore.

Porter, I'll try to do some additional research on EW6 when I get some spare time next week. Not sure if I'll find any answers as I haven't used EW6 in several years and don't have it installed on any working computers. I'll grab a test system from the spare room and see what I can figure out.

In the meantime, have you tried the FixIE patch yet? It might help some. You can download the appropriate version below. One is for Windows 10 and the other is for previous releases of Windows.


And also make sure you are running the latest build of EW6 that can be found below. That would be 6.7.16 Don't know if that would make any difference, but it will be the build I will be testing.


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