Easyworship 7 disc changed

We have the software disc but it is not allowing us to use the features that we've been using. Did something change?
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Depends on which version and release of the software is on the disk. There have been multiple versions and releases over the years and only the latest ones (versions 6 and 7) still function as intended under Windows 10 and 11. EW 2009 will work to some extent if you upgrade it to the latest release of 2009, release 2.4. Also, older versions need to have additional software and codecs to be installed to gain full media playback.

From what I remember, 2009 was the last version that came on disks. 6 and 7 are/were only available as downloads. If you tell us what version/build is on that disk we can point you to some solutions.

Patch Download to update older builds of EW2009 to the latest build that will run fairly well under Windows 10.


EW2009 Quick Start Guide. Contains instructions on the additional codecs.


More information on codecs for EW2009. While it says it's for EW6, it's also what you need for EW2009.


Tomorrow when EW Support Personell are back in the office they may have some additional information.

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