Video and PowerPoint

I have upgraded my Easy Worship 6 to the latest version of EW6 But now I cannot load PowerPoint files or video files. Any suggestions? Thanks.

the word SONG: is listed as well as the songs normally sung

Elizabeth, are you getting error messages? What happens when you try to import PPT or video files?

Ken, I'm not sure exactly what your statement means. Can you please clarify? Does it have something to do with this topic? If not, please start a new topic.

Dan, the videos try to load but never manage it, but I don’t get an error message.
Dan, the videos try to load but never manage it. I don’t get an error message.

Where are you getting the videos? What format are they in? Do any of the demo videos work?

They are YouTube music videos. They loaded easily before I updated our version of Easy Worship. I am able to load them in a long round about way now though .

If you're trying to load youtube videos through the Web button in EW, that is currently broken and won't be fixed in EW6. It will be fixed soon in EW7.4 and newer versions.

The best way for EW6 users to play youtube videos is to download them as mp4 files to your computer and add them under Media.

That’s what I’ve been doing. Thanks for advice. Much appreciated.
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