EW will not connect to Stream Deck (No option in Remote menu)

I have scoured this forum, making sure I'm doing everything correctly.

I downloaded the EW Plugin from Stream Deck.

I downloaded the Bonjour thing.

I made sure my Stream Deck was the latest version.

Same thing for EW.

I have an active EW Subscription.

I have followed the instructions to a T, from what I can tell.

But I cannot get the EW Remote to recognize the Stream Deck whatsoever.

None of the articles already in the Knowledge Base, nor their comments, have anything for me.

Please help.

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I figured it out. Apparently I was wrong about having the latest version of EW. (I honestly thought I had it set to auto-update, but that was not the case. I downloaded the new version and rebooted and all seems to be working now.

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