Unable to download purchased media

On 12th February 2022 I purchased the video clip "Let's Worship", paying $19.99 USD, but have not been able to download it.

Transaction ID:  2MJ42290BF293040E

Invoice ID:  EW2220212030356

I'd appreciate assistance as to how to download it, because when I log in to the Store, choose Media, and click on DOWNLOAD at the bottom of "Let's Worship" nothing happens.

Thank you

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When you click Download on the media, are you getting this popup and clicking Download? Also, are you trying to download from within the EW software, or are you just on the website in your normal internet browser?

UPDATE: I do see there is an issue with the download from within EW.  We are fixing that. In the meantime, you can login to your account at www.easyworship.com and download it there and then import it into the Videos in EW. I will let you know when it is fixed in the EW software.

This has been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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