Can you try this email ddurodola@gmail.com easy worship 6 is giving problem but we switched to 7:3 it's working fine but can't remove the watermark even when log in need this asap because of church on Sunday

Depending on your license for EW6 you probably would need to purchase a new license for EW7. The one time purchase of EW6 didn't include update rights for EW7 so it would run in perpetual Demo mode. All of the features would work properly except for any additional Bibles that you purchased and the Watermark would display to indicate it is in Demo mode.

Unfortunately EasyWorships Office is closed on weekends so there probably won't be anyone able to look into it further until Monday morning USA time.

Oludamola, your license is for EW6 and your email and password will work for that version. If you want to use EW7.3, you need to purchase a subscription from our website and then you will be able to register it to remove the watermark.

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