Request for Efik Bible (Edisana Nwed Abasi ENA)

Good morning admin, Please I want to sincerely appeal to the technical team of Easy Worship to create a copy of the Efik Bible known as Edisana Nwed Abasi ENA for use in the Easy Worship Software. The publisher is THE BIBLE SOCIETY OF NIGERIA. Please find their contact below; Registered Address: 18, Wharf Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria Phone Number : +2348108055025 Email Address: Corporate Address: Adebowale House 150, Ikorodu Road, Onipanu B/S, Lagos, Nigeria

We are unable to use the Bible Society of Nigeria as a valid publisher at this time. They  have expressed their disinterest in working with EasyWorship and have denied all requests to present. I recommend reaching out to them on our behalf to see if they have changed their decision.

I have sent Bible Society another Email this morning concerning this & hope they will do something about it.

Please do let us know if you have any success. As of this date, we have received no communication from them.

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