Importing and schedule with empty lyrisc

Using Easyworship 7 on a new laptop. Internet Explorer as browser, with windows 10.

Everything works fine, only when importing and scheduling from SongSelect lyrics come without tekst.

Songs title is visable but the rest is blanc.

Easyworship and SongSelect have no solution.

Somebody who can help me?

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You can try the FixIE patch from the EW Support Site below. That might help, but until EW figures out a way to integrate a different browser into EW they will never have a completely bullet proof solution for SongSelect Issues. They are going to have to do it soon anyway as IE is no longer supported by Microsoft and will be disabled in the next major update this fall.

In the meantime the best solution is to use a real browser to go to SongSelect and do a copy and paste to enter the new song into EW.

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