Error executing SQL "Begin Immediate,": database is malformed Easyworship 6

Error executing SQL "Begin Immediate,": database is malformed Easyworship  This error pops up except when moving from scripture to scripture. The only error like it I found was disk image malformed.

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I have converted this issue into a ticket and I have sent an email to you to further assist you on this.

I encountered this error as well. The song is depicted in the schedule however when double-clicking the error message comes appears: Error executing SQL "Begin Immediate,": database is malformed.


When selecting scriptures or presentations no error message pops up. 

I must say we use a cloud database and this is supposedly not supported?

Can I Share My EasyWorship Database On A Network Or Cloud Storage?

Please contact our Support team by calling +1-918-250-1493, or you can schedule a callback by going to

We will most likely need to remote into the computer to take a look at the database issue you are experiencing.

I have the same issue. I have already contacted the support directly.

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