Hi there, I am using the free trial for 30 days. But I have questions:

1) can I use a web cam to stream to facebook live through OBS studio and Easyworship? If so what would be a good webcam that auto focus and wide screen? what other adapters, wires will I need to connect?

2) Voice-over: We have disabled members in our church who are blind, thus, how can I put a voice over the announcements in my presentation?

3) Songs: how can I play a song while my  announcements is looping?

4) For my song lyrics, is there a way to have the instrumental playing so people can follow the rhythm?

5) Laptop/Tablet:  I need to buy another laptop or a tablet in order to use at the church for these softwares. I dont want to spend a lot of money, so what would be the most economical in price but meets all the requirements for OBS studio, EasyWorship, powerpoint?

Thank you

Jerri Muscarella


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