Can't Download new Easy to Read Bible translation

We recently purchased the easy-to-read version of the bible that you recently added (Thank you for that!) We have run into problems. Downloading this particular version, however, the "Download" button says "downloading...", then it switches to "e file for downl..." that's all I can read of the button, and I have seen it on two different windows machines. Thank you in advance for your help in this matter!

I have tried using a Lenovo Windows 10 Desktop computer, Easy Worship 6, and a custom-built pc running windows 10 

both of them running easyworship version 6 Build

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I have encountered this same problem.  Is there a solution?

If you cannot download in from inside of EW make sure that you are on build 6.7.16 from this link

We have this identical problem. My Pastor intended on using this Bible this morning and had to change plans last minute. We are running already. We get the same truncated error message in the Download button (anyone know what the real message is?}.

We are intending to use this version frequently in the coming weeks. Please give us a solution.

Try it now. It should work. If not let me know. 

We are also experiencing this issue is there a fix to this ?
Is there a solution to this we are experiencing the same issue

You will need to manually download the bible from the website and then manually install it in EW6 under Bibles More Bibles and install from disk. 

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