My pastor uses PowerPoint slides every service. I display a certain slide which is a point he's making, after he makes a statement he wants the message title to be displayed. I can do this by creating the title slide as an image and setting it to 'use image as logo'. Works perfect but when o click the logo button the projector which I have set to 'Foldback' goes black. 

Not sure this is the correct way, any suggestion? I understand MS is constantly updating PP and this could be the issue. If saving all slides as an image is a fix, no problem I can do it!


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I would tell your pastor to do the editing within PowerPoint and save you the trouble.

That is, once he has displayed a slide and made his point then want You to display the title slide, he should just copy the title slide and paste it in his presentation every time he wants that slide diaplayed.

With the method it seems you are using, looks to me a recipe for disaster waitning to happen.

Likewise, I tell people to keep their PPt's simple. I am ofter asked, when giving them the remote to sue "how do I go back?

I have told people the best way is for the operator to do it in EW. I have seen many times, presenters getting all tied in knots when tring to "Go back"! Especially if they have lots of animated text.

Keep the show simple and the slides you want in the order you want. If you want to use a slide a second time just coopy and paste.

Saves the operator a lot of trouble.

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