Importing in version 6 a profile created in version 7


We wanted to help someone in creating a profile but apparently the other person had version 6 installed and my friend had version 7 installed.
By the time he finished creating the profile in version 7 and wanted to import it to his friend, he figured out that it's not possible as the other version is older.
Is there any way to convert a version 7 profile to a version 6 profile s that they are compatible? (kind of downgrading the profile?)
It would be a lifesaver because my friend spent several months writing songs in that profile....

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You can only import a profile from EW or earlier into 6. New releases of 7 (7.2.x.x) use a different database format.

  1. Make a copy of the EW7 profile.
  2. Download and install EW (see link below)
  3. Open the copy of the profile in and it will convert the databases back to the older format that EW6 can utilize.
  4. Copy that profile to EW6.

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