Thai bible in easy worship

Dear Sir,

could i have Thai Bible in easy worship? that is important that more easy to use only easy worship to present, right now we have use other program it not convenience to do it.

God bless you


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Hi Pramook, We already have a Thai version of the Bible available. You can download it for free under the Scriptures tab in the More Available section.

Hi Fred, Yes i saw it, but this version(First time saw it and cannot be used) it is not a version that we use in Thailand, we use in Thailand it is "Thai standard version"(THSV2011) it is normal use in Thailand, in every Church. (you can use Bible your version app, and check Thai version, you can found standard version for Thai) please consider. God bless You. Pramook

Hi there,

How could I get other Bible version on the EasyWorship?

Thank you

Please provide contact information for a publisher of the THSV2011.

I will asking to THSV to provide you for contact in soon.

God bless you and many thanks,


Please kindly contact Dr. Seri as email thank you for your kind attention.

Dr. SERI, he is secretary director of Thailand Bible association.

if can as thailand Bible in your easy worship app it make streming people can ready bible.

God bless you.


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