EasyWorship Transfer Tool Being Quarantined as Generic Trojan

I have been using the EasyWorship Transfer tool without difficulty, transferring my newly created "Schedule" from my desktop to my laptop.

However, my Bitdefender antivirus has begun to quarantine the EasyWorhsipTransfer.exe file on both my desktop and my laptop as a "Generic Tojan File."

Every time I download the transfer tool file, either to my desktop or laptop, the Bitdefender removes it from the folder (including my flash drive when I plug it into the USB port, and quarantines the file as a Generic Trojan and it is no longer accessible.

Do you have fix for this?

Thanks, RIchard

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You would need to contact BitDefender about this as it is a false positive on their end. Nothing EW can do about it as it definitely is not any sort of malware.

Until BitDefender fixes this on their end you only option is to disable BitDefender while downloading and running the file and/or configuring BitDefender to ignore that file. I'm not familiar with BitDefender so I have no idea how you do it on their software, but I know that they have that setting in their software someplace.

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