Configuring NDI output stream, multiple network interfaces.

I'm trying to get my ideas sorted before our church invests in some kit to livestream our services. I'm toying with the idea of taking an EW7 NDI output and feeding it to a new PC running OBS.

The EW7 PC has 2x Network Interfaces - 1 for internet and general office LAN, and the other for a dedicated Gigabit LAN for NDI purposes. The interfaces are on different subnets.

How to I specify which of these 2 network interfaces interfaces the EW7 NDI stream will be output on?

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I think I have a solution to this by using a router to isolate the NDI subnet from the office LAN. However, a more general form of my question still stands... on a PC with more that one network interface (eg wireless & wired on different networks) how do you define which network interface the NDI output goes to?

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