Using EZW7 with and ATEM Mini Pro and Internal Monitors while live-streaming

Looking to buy EZW7 to add to our livestream. We have a two man crew normally; one working audio and one on livestream. So during service, I can operate the PTZ livestream cameras thorough the ATEM and with EZW7, changes the slides for the songs however when the preacher starts he wants to run his own slides. I know we can add his slides to EZW7 but there question is can I hand over control to the preacher to run his slides after I have controlled EZW7 for the songs and announcements? The preacher will have a clicker so he can point from the pulpit to the back of the church to change the slides (the audio/video room is in the back of the church). Then after he is done preaching, can I take back control seamlessly?

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We don't use an ATEM switcher, but our Pastor does use a presenter remote to control his Sermon slides while I (or whoever else is in the booth) runs it the rest of the service. The only time we run into a problem is if someone uses the mouse or keyboard to click on anything while he is using the remote. That takes focus away from EW and prevents the remote from working with EW until someone clicks back on EW to restore focus. While I won't guarantee it, I believe using the EW Remote App instead of a presenter remote doesn't exhibit this behavour and yes, you would be able to continue to advance slides with the mouse and/or keyboard when necessary.

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