How to send EasyWorship live to Facebook

I see there is a how to video for live streaming a camera into EasyWorship. I do not see how to stream the EasyWorship itself to Facebook or YouTube. Where will I find that?

Here are a couple. They are the first 2 videos listed in our How Tos list in the Video Library on our support page.

I am vary basic. These seemed to explain how to overlay song/scripture words of a camera feed. I do not see how to simply send the EasyWorship presentation itself to go to Facebook.

There is currently not a way to send the EW output directly to Facebook. You will have to use a streaming software program to capture the EW output and then send it FB from there.  Using OBS or vMix is fairly simple to do. There are videos you can find on youtube that will walk you through setting up the stream key and everything for live streaming. The videos above will show you how to get your EW live output to OBS or vMix. You don't have to be using a camera feed, you can send just the EW presentation to it.

Thanks. That is what I was beginning to figure out. For us who are less knowledgeable that would be helpful to have in some of the basic instruction guides. A lot of us are now just beginning to try going live streamed. 

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