EW7 won't open at home but will at work.

Using the same laptop for both home and work, I cannot get EW7 to open at home. The splash screen comes up and nothing...no movement, no messages or errors. Just freezes.  I have to clear it with task manager, and sometimes that doesn't work and have had to reboot the laptop. After the first failure I brought it to work, thinking the worst, and it opened right up. Since the laptop is 14" I work on different monitors at each location, both plugged in through the HDMI port of the laptop. Again, I try at home-and frozen splash screen.

That is very weird. Is the laptop being shut down as you take it to work and back home or is it just going to sleep? If it's not being shut down, maybe try restarting it with the monitor plugged in. If that doesn't do it, have you tried opening it without your HDMI monitor plugged in to see if it's something with that?

I shut it down to transport. At work I turn it on with the desk monitor unplugged, then plug in once windows starts. At home now, I just spent the last hour trying different scenarios: turn on with monitor plugged in, turn on with it unplugged, open EW with monitors duplicated, open EW with only the laptop monitor engaged. All fail. And if I don't try to shut down EW, (or the splash screen rather because that is all I get) soon enough, everything on the computer freezes and I have to reboot.

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