Controlling Easworship 6 with Keyboard Shortcuts from an app on my Tablet (Matric)


I'm using Matric to control scenes in OBS with buttons for selection scenes and macros to help me with my live streamed service workflow.

I want to add a button to GoLive with the next item in Easyworship, but I'm struggling as the keyboard shortcut is only registered by EW6 when the app has Focus in windows. Is this something that can be changed/selected for the keyboar shortcuts to be "Global" and to work whichever app has focus.

On my 4K screen I have quite a fwe windows open:

Easyworship Control

Zoom Participitants

Zoom Chat

Audio meeter Banana mixer

OBS windows

OBS Preview



So it's very easy to not have easyworship as the selected app.

The control surface I have is my Google Nexus 7 tablet and I'm using the Matrix App for my fake "Streamdeck" !

Thanks for any advice.

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