MP4 videos (both homemade and purchased) are jumpy and voice/video not synced

Lately we are having issues playing MP4 videos that we have imported into EZ worship. Some work just fine while others are terribly jumpy and the sound & video are not in sync. Can't seem to figure out why some work and some don't. Help!!

Thank you SO much for the advice, Donal. I was thinking about switching to a newer laptop (that we already have) but it doesn't sound like it will help us much. I appreciate you taking the time to give us some excellent suggestions!

Run that DXDiag on it like you did with the other laptop and we can look at the specs and provide some advice on whether it would be much of an improvement or not.

Also, make sure to go into the Power Settings in the Control Panel and set the Power Plan to Performance. This is critical on a laptop as they normally come set to Power Saver which is designed to enhance battery life by sacrificing performance by as much as 50% or more. 

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