Lost song backgrounds

I am upgrading from EW2009 to EW7 on a new machine.  Used the export and import method.  Everything seems to be okay except I no longer have backgrounds on any of the songs in the song library.  There are backgrounds on songs in old schedules and in the media library. Is this expected or did I do something incorrect to lose the backgrounds attached to songs


In the old version you could have a image as a background that pointed to a short cut that was not in the actual resources folder.  So you might have to go back to the old machine and see where the image is actually located and then bring it over to the new machine and put it into the resources folder. Because if it was a short cut pointing to a location that does not exist on this computer then it will not show up. 

I will look again but do not see the background images anywhere on the old computer as files or shortcuts. The only place I can find them on the old computer is in saved songs and schedules. On the new/upgraded computer, old schedules have most background images but no save songs have images even if they do exist as files on the computer.

In 2009, the images and videos that you add to the program were not copied to the resources folder in EW, it just created a shortcut to that file. If you added songs to a schedule and packed the files in the schedule, then it would copy the images and videos into that schedule file so they could work on another computer that may not have those files on it. If the original image and video files were deleted from the computer, then they would no longer work in EW on that computer, unless they were packed in a schedule. When you transfer the database, it will copy the EW resource folders which contain the shortcuts, but not the original files, so if they still work in 2009 on that computer (without the schedules), then they are on that computer somewhere.

There are some cases where if the backgrounds were added into the Backgrounds button at the top of EW2009, it could use that thumbnail as the image instead of the original file. If that is the case, it is possible that file won't be there.

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