going from 4:3 to 16:10

We are installing new projectors and screens and we are transitioning from 4:3 aspect to 16:10.

How does EW handle that transition and will I need to reformat  my song slides to accommodate the 16:10 aspect (both words and backgrounds).

are there any other things I need to keep in mind during this change?


EW should handle the transition fairly well. But if you project content created in a 4:3 aspect ratio on a 16:10 screen it will appear as 4:3 content, centered in the screen, with black bars on either side. At least the backgrounds. The text should flow to fit the screen, but you might need to tweak some of the line breaks. Ideally you should reconfigure your content to 16:10 or 16:9 format. We went thru this a couple of years ago and it wasn't that bad. We downloaded new background images and videos.

And you might need to manually configure your FOH and Foldback screen settings in EW to match the new screens.

Having done this some time ago - changing everything from 4x3 VGA to HDMI 16x9, all I had to do was to change the screen settings in Windows. That basically meant changing to wide screen monitors and Windows pretty much detected the change and set up the diplays automatically. Once the resolution was correct in Windows, EW will automatically pick up and use the Windows settings.

If you are still using a 4x3 projector, most of them can be set to display in 16x9 or 16x10.

Crazy thing is that most PC screens are 16x9 but a lot of projectors are 16x10 native format - work that out!?!.

I purchased a new widescreen FOH projector that natively displays 16x10 but have it set to display 16x9 - no issues. The rear  (foldback) projector is a native 4x3 format which has been told to display in 16x9. No issues there either. Both projectors will accept a 1920x1080 signal quite happliy. My monitors are all 16x9   1920x1080 monitors. It is best to have ALL your outputs devices the same resolutions. Like don't try and mix a 1440 monitor and a 1920 x1080 projector on the same output.  You will get strange rsults and can get very frustraed trying to make it all work correctly. My brother has tried this in his church and it creates real problems. I solved a lot of his issues by giving him all 1920x1080 monitors with the projectors set the same.

One issue you will likley have if you are changing to HDMI is that Windows thinks that as soon as you plug an HDMI cable into your video card, the audio should also go out that port and you may find that the audio may play on the projector! This may also happen if you unplug an HDMI cable and plug it in again!

To fix that, right click on the speaker icon bottom right of your screen then click on Sound Settings. Near the top you will see OUTPUT and just below a box that may say something like the name of your projector - or something else which will alert you that the audio is heading out the HDMI port. Change that back to Speakers (Realtek High Def) ( depending on your actual PC hardware. The audio should then be routed to your speaker port (green output port).

As far as backgorunds go. I found that EW stretched the 4x3 backgrounds to filll the screen, which in many cases did not matter, but for some backgrounds, they look like they have been stretched. look for sme new widescreen format backgorunds. PowrPoint will show in whatever resolution it has been created in - 16x9 will fill the screen.

However, any 4x3 video clips and Powerpoints will show ain the 4x3 format with black bars either side.

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