I can't Login/Register

Hi there,

I recently just purchased easy worship7 but I cannot seem to login even though I have already registered.



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What version of Windows are you running?

Hi, I've got in using the activation file. Thanks for your help.

Hi. The same situation was, the same decided.gog

I am not sure what you are asking Joanne. 

I try to log in but it seds invalid login even though is the right email

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I logged in but cannot find the ‘add new computer button’ to get the license file
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House of Faith Covenant Assembly, that's because you haven't purchased a license under that account. If you have purchased a license, you need to log in to the account that you purchased the license under. If you haven't purchased a license, you won't be able to register it without the license. You can purchase a license on our website.

Pricing - EasyWorship Software 

i have just subscribe and i can not log in

 Due to privacy and security concerns you should either call EW by telephone or go to the support page (link below) and open a Support Ticket.


Hi guys.. Why my easy worship can't open Easy worship has discovered a problem with your data and will now attempt to fix it. How to repaire.?? Thanks

Samuel, what version of EW are you running? And, what version of windows are you running?

I can't log in on our computer at church, I've tried resetting the password and I'm not receiving the link to do so

Mike, it would be best to contact our orders department and they can help you get logged in. 


I tried contacting them, Its been a week and I'm still waiting on a reply

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