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Good night, I have some doubts about your training and I would like to know if you can help me. We are a church located in Brazil, and we have been using its software for about 10 years, but in the free version. I am the leader of the media ministry in my church, and I have had a time in which I am interested in acquiring your software and training. However, my knowledge of the English language is very limited and I would like to know how your training works, to get an idea if I could do this training, even if it is in another language. I am waiting for a response from you, and I am anxious to know if even being in another country, we will achieve this partnership. In closing, congratulations on your program, because for me it is the best in the business. Thank you.
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We do have training videos on our website, but they are all in English. 

We also have a training webinar if you are on subscription, but that is also in English.

You can reach out to other users in the forum or on our Facebook Group that speak Portuguese and see if someone is willing to help you get started. Unfortunately, we don't have anyone here that speaks that language.

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