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I prepare the schedule at home and save it to a thumb drive and load it up at church. We use presentations that have different colors of text on some slides. When I load up the schedule at church, the slides that have multi colored text default to a single color. I then have to go through all of the slides and re do the colors. We are EW6 Build Suggestions?

Dale Mabbott

Devon United Church

Hi Dale, I have done some testing on this and mine is keeping the font colors. If yours is not, I would recommend contacting support and see if they can help you figure out why it isn't doing what it's supposed to.

Email or you can schedule a callback at

Resolved my problem. Determined to be a hardware compatibility issue. The church was gifted a Lenovo desktop with Intel graphics which runs EW to the projector and to the streaming computer. Seems to work just fine except for the font issue when copying from a thumb drive. The development computer has Nvidia graphics. I tested with another computer that has Nvidia graphics as well and there is no problem. Sorry for being a time waster.

No need to be sorry. This was troubleshooting, not a waste of time. Because now we all know!

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