Multiple Outputs

Hello EW, 

When looking at the competitors, i think one area where easy worship is severely lacking is in its inability to have multiple outputs instead of the fixed audience view, control view, and stage view. Especially with COVID and the restrictions that are making online services so popular, its difficult for us to properly serve the members of our church who are participating in our in person services and those who prefer the online experience. When can we expect EW to enable us to setup multiple outputs that we can use for live streaming, lower thirds, etc. ?

It is my understand based on a post their support people made on the EW Facebook Group that they are working on that. No definite time frame has been announced or if would be added to EW7 or be part of EW8 (or whatever the next release will be called).  EW tends to be tight lipped about upcoming additions until they are pretty much ready to be released.

I do think that the changes in the 7.2.x.x builds to rely more on the GPU than previous releases and to enable EW to use additional ram compared to the 7.1.x.x builds are some of the per-requisites towards that goal, but I have no confirmation of that.

Yes with Livestreaming at an all time high and the fact the we all have to adapt. Have even one more output over and above primary screen and fold back. Perfect example We have a minimum in church presence. We need to be able to send a signal the screen of the computer. Then the screen out to the projectors. That same screen signal goes to my switcher for live stream. But I need another option for when we have a live worship team and need the words on the screen as normal and a 1/3 separate signal that be overlayed at the bottom of the video of the live worship team. I've tried everything in the Knowledge. And to say that the knowledge base on this if very slim. And in some case inaccurate. One example is on Alpha channel. It just talks about setting up the extra screen and not the alpha channel itself

 I ask this question on a 4th output and Dan Willard said that it was in the pipeline. We have purchased the new ATEM Mini Pro which has streaming built in and just needs an input from EasyWorship but with just the lower third for text of songs etc. Using EW as it is now, we will have to put a box containing the text on the video which the ATEM can do.

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