Screen issues when going from HDMI to VGA.

At our church we have EZ Worship 6.  We are currently out of our main sanctuary that is fully set up with a great sound system, but we are in another building using a piece meal setup older and newer equipment.  The video projector we are using only has VGA input.  Our laptop only has HDMI.  Yesterday I tried to run EZ Worship 6 for our worship service using a cable that converted from HDMI to VGA.  The screen made the EZ Worship large and cut off about half of the slide.  last year I had a problem similar when adding power point.  There was a setting that was changed and it was fixed.  Is there a setting that will allow me to fix this problem.

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You will probably need to set up the windows display settings to a resolution that will fit on your projector screen.

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