Udgrade from EW6 to EW7

 We are trying to determine whether to upgrade from EW6 to EW7 at our church. There does not seem to be a discount to upgrade. It seems that the cost is the same whether purchasing/subscribing new or upgrading. Since our current version is working well for us, what are the advantages of upgrading?

The discount for the upgrade only lasted a short time when EW7 was first released. It ended at the end of June 2018 from what I can tell. You can contact EW by phone to see what they would be willing to do for you.

Since we introduced the subscription, there is no longer an upgrade price since as long as you're on subscription, you will always get the newest version available.

Some of the new features include the Remote App, MIDI control, Dark interface, and other enhancements and bug fixes. You can see all updates in the 'What's New' file HERE

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