[Equipment Configurations] StarTech.com USB video adaptor

We're Looking to add foldback screens to our present single projector system. I'm aware of the USB video adaptors that are officially approved for EasyWorship. The Startech.com adaptors are well reviewed on Amazon.com; I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience of them?

You would not want to use a USB video card adapter as they are not supported with the use of the foldback. You would want to look at a Matrox Dualhead2go if you are using a laptop.
Thanks, that's good to know.

I was wondering though, can one use such an adapter to display on a large screen something that is "broadcast" remotely? The issue is that I'm getting soon one of https://tranio.com/greece/detached/]these houses in Greece for the holidays, but I may well have to keep working on sundays for my church's community... which is not going to follow me every time I go somewhere.

So, I was looking at a way to "control" the church's computer from Greece if needed, or to launch a videoconference, and to display it on our screen.

Thanks in advance for your answer!
It would not be something that is supported. If you are trying to control the computer remotely you should look into something like TeamViewer.
Okay, I'll look into that then, thank you.
Please note that you can not use the Free version of Teamviewer in a business setting which includes Non Profits, and a Church falls under this category. You would need to use the Paid version of TeamViewer for a Church.