[Equipment Configurations] Using different computers for building schedules

We have a person who builds the weekly schedule on their personal computer and then saves the schedule to Dropbox to be opened at church for the service. We try to keep the lines of lyrics to 4 at most. The problem we are having is that the person builds the schedule at home on their computer, and there are no more than 4 lines per slide. Then when we open the schedule on our church computer, some slides change to 5 or more lines, because the lines wrap around.

We imported the database from the church computer to the person's laptop, and have all the same settings under "Options" as far as monitor sizes and margins. Can anyone explain why this is happening? The only way to prevent the wrap is to uncheck the auto size option and manually designate the font size at a lower number to prevent the wrap. I think I saw a recommendation to have the option to have the number of lines of text be static and have the font adjust to accommodate that. I would HEARTILY second that request!

Any ideas?
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On the computer you're building the schedules on, set a custom position for the output screen to the same resolution as the output screen at church. Then they will match. Check out this article.