[Equipment Configurations] Display Foldback Help

I need some help on dispaly foldback please. So we have TVs and mo projector. We have two TVs up front for audiences and one TV in back. The one in back I'm trying to setup I assume is called foldback for Blackscreen we are a small church and low funds. What can I purchase to help with this. I have a netgear prosafe box but I'm not sure if that can be used for this. Blessings for your help.
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The screen at the back could be a foldback screen but it doesn't have to be. Our church has a clone of the screens that everyone can see at the back. This is useful as the foldback can be different to the main screen, for example, clicking the "black" button kills the main output but not the foldback. (We also have a real foldback at the front of the stage)

If you really want a foldback screen then your computer needs to be able to output three different images at the same time, one for the operator, one for the main screen and one for the foldback. EW can handle this but how this is done depends on what computer you have.