[Equipment Configurations] Dual-Monitor

This is a bit of an aside, but hoping someone has come across this. We have a "dual-video" setup - the main monitor is directly attached to the computer, and the second is a networked video feed to projectors. The former displays the EZW controls, and the latter, the "live" display. We frequently have need to go outside EZW for photo slideshows and video files too large to effectively be loaded into EZW. Still need to "control" on first monitor, and "display" on second monitor. I haven't come across apps which will meet these needs, especially when trying to go full-screen - "window key" + "left|right" doesn't cooperate in fullscreen. OS is Win10. Any recommendations?

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How large are these slide shows. you should be able to create a photo slide show easily in Easyworship 7 that will advance automatically and even loop if you create it in Easyworship 7.