[Equipment Configurations] Setting up Multiple Monitors (4 Monitors)

Hi I am trying to set up 4 monitors. We have 2 x front screens going through a splitter to HDMI. Our foldback screen uses VGA and we have 2 monitors using display ports. We are using a desktop computer with windows 10. Every time I restart the computer Easyworship doesn't remember the settings the screens are on and we need to set them up again. Can anyone give advice on how we can fix things so easyworship remembers monitors.


What video card do you have in the machine? If this is an NVidia card you will need to do a clean install of the driver with the most current one from the NVidia.com
We have 2 video cards. One is an Nvidia and the other I would need to look on sunday. However the machine is 1 month old and we have made sure that they are the updated versions of the drivers.

I recommend using a single video card instead of multiple. If you have one of the recommended NVIDIA cards, you shouldn't need two video cards. I'm guessing the other card is the onboard intel graphics card.
Essentially, EW is remembering the screen locations from the last time it was used. If this changes, you'll have to go into options and change it to whatever they are now.