[Equipment Configurations] Shared Database Issues

Good Morning,

I have gotten the shared database to work and show up on the laptop that we use as well, however, it makes it slow down tremendously. In addition to that, when I restarted it, it continuously tells me that the database is currently being updated, which I am assuming it is connecting to the main computer, and it for some reason shows that it is updating when it isn't. I would appreciate any help I can get to fix this before this evening service.

Thank You,



How are you sharing the database? Over a Local Area Network? Can you take a screen shot of the message that you are getting and post it here?
I am running it over a wireless network.

I have seemed to be able to resolve the "updating" factor by making sure both computers are on a private network. However, that doesn't fix the slowness and the fact that it freezes up. It seems like it could be the network connection, but I am not 100% sure as everything else seems to run ok.