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Hello all,

I'm researching a purchase for my church and I want to make sure I'm 1) setting this up correctly and 2) that I'm buying the right equipment. We worship in a space that is shared by another church. We've had setups like this in the past, but usually the incoming church shares our equipment. Recently, a new church has been meeting and they have their own computer and EasyWorship setup. The video team runs out of what is essentially a large closet where the only angle to see the stage is out the door. Currently, my church's computer is setup at the best angle for that line of sight. In an effort to serve the other church, I've been researching KVM switches so that our two computers can run off the same keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

Both computers run to a splitter that outputs to three monitors for congregational use. Right now, the HDMI cables are being swapped out twice a week so I'll be wanting to get a switch as well. Between the KVM switch, the HDMI switch, and the HDMI splitter, I'm concerned about signal degradation. Is that a valid concern and if so, are there particular specs that I need to look for?

Thanks for your help and input.

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You should probably contact an AV specialist they would know more about this type of setup.

Here are two that I know of

http://bensonsound.com/:1pqt6ndd]Benson Sound

http://www.avdesign.solutions/:1pqt6ndd]AVdesign Solutions by Fowler Inc.