[Equipment Configurations] EW4 and black screen for MP4


I have had to re-install EW6 on our church PC having changed (back) to win7 and I cant get rid of the black screen when playing mp4s. The same PC was fine with ew2009 so I don't believe its an inherent video driver/graphics problem

I have tried all the recommended routes with no result, so have you got a step by step method of pulling the problem apart and proving what codecs are installed and (or not ) available.

A few more details......

QuickTime: (Aside from the security issue!) I have tried about 5 versions from the current back 2008. I have rebooted after each install. The QT installed did not give me the option after the license agreement to goto custom (I just got the option to change the destination directory), as per setup steps and the install QT from the EW help was broken. QT ran fine for all installed versions with the mp4 outside of EW, but EW gave a black screen. So how do I know whether QT is setup correctly for EW?

KLite standard: installed and tweaked 32bit codecs to LAV whatever that means! Still a black playout of mp4

EW 'codec help' shows an empty listbox

So where so I go from here, to see if its a QT, or Klite problem?

Thanks very much

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I am sorry that you are having this issue. If you follow all the steps at the bottom of this post to install the K-lite Codec pack it should get you going. https://support.easyworship.com/support/solutions/articles/8591-easyworship-6-video-decoders:k2a2g86j]Install K-lite