[Equipment Configurations] Laptop with broken screen

Hi, I have a fairly new laptop that I would like to use for EW, but it has a broken screen. I was planning to just get an external monitor to use as the "primary" for the control screen, and then use a projector as the "secondary". The laptop has only 1 HDMI output. How could I configure this to get that function?? Would I need a splitter or DA??



If you only have one output on the laptop then you will not be able to set it up for extended desktops in Windows. If you get a splitter it is only going to show the same thing on both screens . You have to have a secondary your primary and secondary screens in order to do extended desktops.
What you need to do is to get a USB (or Firewire) display adapter for the laptop, so that you then have two display outputs. Then you can do what you want to do. In the UK, you can get these adapters for about £50 - search for something like "USB display adapter VGA" on Google ...
I am sorry but a USB will not work as it will not support the text over video functions that you need. Also a USB video output is not supported for use with any version of EasyWorship.